I know I’m stuck when I have no answer for the simple question, what’s going on?  My honest answer would be, not much and everything at the same time…I am exhausted and not getting anything done!  But to be more PC, I give a standard answer about the usual life stuff: work, kid, travel, house, etc.

Does this sound familiar?

It would be weird to answer such a casual question with an actual stuck dilemma, “I am enjoying folding the laundry as it gives me a purpose right now or I spend a good part of the day dreaming about future versions of myself.”  The casual questioner would become worried about me and that would make me feel worse, so I keep it to myself.

Being stuck isn’t a bad state, just one the appears irregular in today’s achievement world. It is a place of introspection and surrender to what is, instead of what is supposed to be.  It is a passive in-between place that can feel like an abyss. It is, in my experience, quite delightful until it is not.  Then it can eat you alive. At some point, we need to exit stuck and participate in the world again. I would like to offer you some tips to set you free from the stuck-ness and get back into action!

7 tips to get you unstuck

  • Talk to a friend. Talking about being stuck helps you gain perspective. You can brainstorm ideas and gain valuable networking connections.
  • Take a look back. Where were your successful in the past? Looking backwards can give you clues about future possibilities.
  • Dream big and hang in the land of possibility. It is important to hang out with your wild dreams. Take some time to dream about crazy ideas you have for the future and tap into the creative part of your brain where the good ideas are.
  • Get out and move! Enough said.
  • Take a risk: Try a new activity, ask a difficult question or reach out to one of your heroes. Taking risks give you a dopamine hit and enables your brain to create new neural pathways.
  • Practice Self-Compassion: (1) Be mindful – how are you treating yourself? (2) Be kind: ask yourself what a good friend might say to you right now? (3) Be human: understand that being stuck is part of being human.
  • Get a coach. Okay, so this is shameless self-promotion, but coaching is honestly a wonderful remedy for stuck-ness. More Information About Coaching!

Here is a bonus tip: Just get started!

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