• Have you experienced an insight or aha while away from your normal environment that you can’t seem to hold on to back home?
  • Do you feel more yourself while on an adventure?
  • Is your home environment set up for growth or limiting your success?
  • Would you like to harness some of the expansive nature of your journey for a new project or shift in your life?

Adventurers are able to access parts of themselves that have long been forgotten or discover new insights that foster personal growth in a pristine setting far from the influences of man and modern life. However, our daily environment with work, stress, responsibilities, relationship pressures, old habits, well-worn routines and distractions of all sorts, often swallows up our best intentions to bring the fruits of our adventure home.  

Fortunately, there is help. If you have a recent aha moment that you would like to integrate at any stage, Laura will help you complete the circle of adventure—to bring your transformations home with a custom road map filled with tangible steps to accelerate growth and integrate transformative experiences.

the transformed adventurer
Ben is an executive who has found a career that feels good to him, but he has some larger goals he’d like to accomplish within both his personal and professional life. He recently returned from an adventure climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, a trip that gave him a new perspective on life. He realized that his creativity is recharged in a wilderness environment and would like to incorporate more outside time into his daily life at home. He feels that his Africa adventure is quickly slipping away from him as he settles back into his routine and would like to find pathways to keep his adventure and creativity alive.