Meredith Michelle

Meredith had a big career in media and public issue advertising and wanted to be able to spend more time with her young daughter. We decided that she needed a “lab coat” career where she could still make an impact in service and leave her work behind to focus on her family when she was not at work. Through a creative design thinking process, we found her perfect fit as a middle school counselor where her strategic communications skills help young people become more confident in their expanding world.


Mindi Bridges

Mindi is a brand building maven who was stuck in a male dominated world of high end wine distribution. She wanted to find an industry where she was passionate about using her deep skillset to help people. I helped Mindi to get back in touch with what she really loved, health and wellness. I kept her accountable to her values while she moved through a few iterations to finally find a home in the fitness space with VASA Fitness.


Danny Olivas

Danny is a natural foods veteran who helped steer the expansion of farm-to-table grocery stores in California. I was introduced to Danny when he was thinking about establishing his own brand development consultancy after stints with real estate developers and specialty grocers including Whole Foods. Danny realized that at his core, he was a product guy partial to emerging brands and has spent his career helping to develop small, innovative good-for-you products.

With his super-creative and talented cofounder/wife, Danny decided to take a leap into crafting his own product and Brighter Tonic was born. Brighter is a sparkling tonic with a daily dose of ACV in a can that’s ready to drink. Danny continues to grow Brighter and is on the hunt to raise his first capital round.



Monique Johnson

Monique participated in my very first What’s Next workshop with my talented co-facilitator Linda Lesem at The Hivery in Mill Valley. The workshop helped her streamline her business and prioritize what fills her up so that she could be a better mom and Branding Expert! Monique relaunched her design business as MoJo Designs, a full-fledged branding studio that empowers small business owners with the credibility they need to engage new customers. She is incredibly talented and I am proud to highlight her beautiful work!

Before the What’s Next Workshop, I was not confident in moving forward as a small business owner focusing on branding. I was blocking myself from accomplishing this dream. Now I know what I am capable of, have happy customers and more fulfilled in my career than ever before.


Sheryl Ott

Sheryl dreams big and loves Dares! She was drawn to participate in my What’s Next Workshop in order to refocus and find clarity for her future. She had a case of imposter syndrome thinking that she did not have value in the workforce after leaving her career on Wall Street years ago. Working with our group of supportive women, Sheryl had an aha moment, “I told the group I wanted to create something for women like me. I wanted to create retreats and experiences where women could reconnect with themselves, where they could go on adventures, step away from their day-to-day life for a moment, and where they could talk about this feeling. This stuck-ness and “what’s next?”  She realized that she needed a detour and someone to challenge her a bit to create something truly unique.  This was a gift that she also wanted to give to other women and it sparked the idea for Dare to Detour. The unique experiences that Sheryl offers support women in realizing their strengths, resilience and capability to create. I helped Sheryl to focus on the experiences she wanted to offer to other women and to understand how her strengths supported her vision.

Dave to Detour is a movement of women daring themselves to step out of their day-to-day experiences, release the old stories which no longer serve them, and rediscover who they truly are.


Ali Dunn

Ali participated in my What’s Next workshop to gain clarity and build her next career after taking a break to raise her daughters. The workshop helped Ali understand her strengths and potential to push through her limiting beliefs and reconnect to her fearless self. Through a few follow-up coaching sessions we created an action plan to get her to a big goal of owning her own coaching business! Ali is a certified executive coach through the Berkeley Institute of Executive Coaching. She specializes in mindset, career and leadership coaching, speaking and facilitating for high performing professionals and founders in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. 



Tyler Myhan

Tyler is a man with great skill who thrives in a business aligned with his soul. He came to coaching thinking he was burned out in his career of finance only to find out that a slight shift in company culture makes all the difference. He found his way to Native and loved being a part of a mission driven company that is good for the planet as well as the customer.  And change created an opportunity to land a role at Good Eggs and move his family to Bend, Oregon where he was able to buy a home and enjoy a bit more nature everyday.


Angie Fones

Angie was suffering from classic burn out spending too many hours away from her family doing work that was ultimately unfulfilling.  She went to law school out of an interest in helping people, being an advocate for those who need an advisor in the law. Her corporate law position, however lucrative, was mostly spent researching and writing briefs for people who only needed saving from their own miscalculations and poor decisions. We realized that she was most at home as an advocate and liked practicing law that could benefit those who are most in need. She joined the BioMarin team as corporate counsel to ensure that the good science was supported by good legal practices thus benefiting the recipients of the BioMarin discoveries, those suffering from genetic diseases.


Katy Song, CFP(R)

Katy started working with me in 2010 to figure out how she could live her dream life of rewarding work, flexibility and being present for her family. We honed in on tactical and strategic steps to make this dream life a reality, and in 2011 she launched Katy Song Financial Planning. Katy has helped more than 500 families plan their financial future and is currently living her dream in Bordeaux, France, another adventure made a reality through coaching!