Laura helped me identify and reconnect with my key life priorities and arrive at critical conclusions about how to move forward. She not only helped me find the direction to take when I had trouble seeing the path for myself, but our work also has helped me stay the course long after the end of our regular sessions. Laura understands what is required to make meaningful change in one’s life. Trust her. She knows what she’s talking about.

– Colin Johnson
Recovering Entrepreneur | Independent Consultant


A priceless benefit of having a coach is having an independent professional with your best interests at heart—a professional who will tell you necessary truths when others won’t and explain them within a supportive context. A coach who believes in you and your ability to change makes difficult things easier to hear.

– Shannon Riordan
Director of Marketing | Pay by Touch


I can’t thank you enough for all your well informed professional and heartfelt advice during our time together. Helping me understand my strengths and clarifying goals has given me renewed confidence in my new work role. I will be sure to recommend you to friends and colleagues. I’m constantly sharing lots of fab snippets of our discussions. Thank you.

– Donna Rogers
Director of Sales | Teneo Hospitality Group


You create clarity in a cloudy sky for me. I feel like you are sitting on my shoulder helping me guide my decision making and getting me to focus on what matters. Now, if you could really sit on my shoulder I think I that would be great!

– Katy Song
Certified Financial Planner


Working with a professional coach is a very informative and insightful experience that I would recommend to anyone who is serious about attaining their goals whether personal, professional or life in general.

– Katie Parks
Sales Associate | Tile & Stone Concepts