Success on your terms

One of the topics that I often touch upon with coaching clients is what success looks like. For many that I coach, success is deeply personal and meaningfully aligns with their values and strengths. Their pathway to success is not a linear journey; it is filled with peaks, troughs and detours which teach you something new about yourself and your path, helping you refine your definition of success. 

Achieving this kind of success often requires walking away from a seemingly safe path to wander in the dark for a while. It requires being vulnerable and putting yourself out there. It will probably include some “failure.” It requires getting to know yourself to be able to define your terms. This self-knowledge is the foundation upon which your unique definition of success is built.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  1. What does a successful outcome look and feel like in vivid detail?
  2. How will my success impact the people and communities around me?
  3. What are the potential obstacles or challenges I might encounter?
  4. What personal values and principles align with my definition of success?
  5. How will success impact my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues?
  6. Is my definition of success flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances?

If you are working towards success on your own terms, It may be lonely at times. For some it is the only way forward. And for you, I am here…book a free consultation!

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