Retreat Integration Package



Laura will help you complete the circle of retreat—to bring your renewed, connected and clear energy home. Together we will create a custom road map filled with tangible steps to accelerate growth and integrate transformative experiences. Laura is an expert at integrating aha moments and removing barriers to change. She will help you to overcome the biggest challenges to integrating change in three virtual coaching sessions:

    1. Set Up Your Environment for Success. We will take a deep dive into your current environment to let go of what is no longer working, recognize patterns that are holding you back, and identify threads that point to meaningful growth. We will design both your physical environment and relationships to support your retreat integration.
    2. Who You Are and What Makes You Tick? Laura uses an inside-out approach to achieve lasting results for her clients.  A variety of assessments, exercises and tools are used to identify your sweet spot; the intersection of Personality, Strengths, Interests, Values and Skills.  Working in your sweet spot creates a sense of flow and is the most efficient and fulfilling use of your time.
    3. Develop a Strategy and Practice. Brainstorm ideas, identify action steps, and define benchmarks to keep you on track. Laura will help you to slow down, pay attention and cultivate a practice for maintaining health and continued growth!.