Making Space for Love

Making space for love seems like it should be easy, but often it is not. In love we are present and connected with our partner and feel more fully alive. Unfortunately, in our busy and over-scheduled world presence and connection can get lost. We grow to see our partners as a collection of their faults. When they walk through the door we see, “always late, forgot it was Valentines day, sink full of dirty dishes, etc.”

Our partners are the people who see our true beauty and deserve our best efforts to make space for love. I hope the following tips can help you fall in love again this Valentine’s Day.

Take care of your emotional self
We need to take care of our emotional health so that we can show up for others in a compassionate, open and grounded way. One important practice is to check in with your heart. Take some time each week to reflect on your emotional life. Do you have supportive people in your life? Are you able to express and understand your emotions? Do you have an outlet to express difficult emotions?

Create Ritual
Ritual creates structure. It allows us to pause and be present in a moment that has been planned for this purpose. Underused in today’s society, it is a beautiful way to connect with one another and express or reinforce shared values. A family ritual could be hiking every Saturday afternoon, playing chess with your son on Tuesdays, attending a Yoga class with your partner, or even just attempting to eat as a family one evening per week. Let’s all use this time to celebrate love in whatever fashion we choose. Please do not make this difficult, it should nourish your relationship with yourself and your family.

Keep it Simple
This time of year can create a frenzy of anticipation and activity that is not necessarily heart-felt or supportive of love. Small, meaningful gifts or expressions of love can ensure that your connection is authentic. For example, write a note of gratitude for your partner and slip it into his or her bag.

To be truly in love is to be seen. One way we validate our experience as human beings is to receive gifts from others. These gifts come in many forms and when received they create connection. You can practice receiving by giving to yourself. Try doing one thing each day that you enjoy even if it is only for ten minutes.

I hope you are inspired by this list and have some of your own ideas and practices to add. Email me your success stories and have a Happy Valentines Day!!

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