Finding the Boon of Your Adventure

Every adventure, big or small, holds a boon—a unique gift that enriches your life and contributes to your growth. If you are setting out on an adventure this summer (or even a family vacation) it is wise to be thinking about the boon. The first step to discovering the boon is to embrace the journey itself. Approach your adventure with an open heart and a curious mind. Whether it’s a new job, a creative project, a travel experience, or a personal challenge, see it as an opportunity for growth and learning.
Stay Present

Take mindfulness breaks. I find that practicing a bit of mindfulness while on the road helps to keep me present. My practice is to offer kindness to my fellow travelers or adventurers. I like to help those who are perhaps a bit more frustrated than me, more travel weary or less able to navigate their new environment. These small acts of kindness help me to become more present during my adventure. I stop to connect with folks and get curious about why they are at this particular place with me. Being present throughout your adventure allows you to fully experience and appreciate each moment. Mindfulness helps you notice the subtle shifts, the small victories, and the lessons that might otherwise go unnoticed.Identifying the Boon

Look for the specific gifts or insights you’ve gained. What new skills have you developed? What personal strengths have you uncovered? How have your perspectives shifted? Identifying the boon involves acknowledging these changes and understanding their value in your life.

Reflection is crucial to recognizing the boon of your adventure. Take time to think about your experiences, the challenges you’ve faced, and the growth you’ve achieved. Journaling or discussions with trusted friends can help you gain clarity on what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed.

Did you learn something new? Try to implement one take-away within 48 hours of returning home. The boon can fade very quickly after you return home so make sure to practice or try out the new behavior within the first few hours back home and take action!

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