Do you want to take a risk?

Having a social safety network can help

Taking risks increases activity through our neural pathways and allows us to see from a different perspective while experiencing a new environment, sensation, and way of being in the world. This exposure can serve as a rich source of inspiration for creative thinking and future planning.

To take risks, it helps to have a safety net; knowing that we have people to rely on gives us the resilience to get out there. Interestingly, studies show that risk taking is positively correlated to prosocial behavior. So as we try new activities, behaviors, and environments, we become more other-focused and act more to benefit others. Conversely, as we hold ourselves back from activities and actions, we become less social and less apt to help others/seek help from others. It is a loop which leads further into loneliness.

What is a social safety network?
If you have at least 6 trusted people with whom you can have authentic conversation, you have a social safety network. Having at least 6 trusted people as your essential support network is like having an insurance policy—I can take a risk and don’t need to worry as someone is going to be there to catch me. I can dare or make a mistake and someone will be there to help pick me up.

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